Brand story

Back in the 50s, the coastal road in the south was still a narrow meandering footpath. A young man from Jiayi Budai town was against the bitter cold north wind and struggled to ride his bike to deliver the fabric sample to the client as soon as possible. The thin figure was contemplating that if he could make this deal, he would have money to subsidize his family.

By virtue of good quality, good credibility, good service, reasonable price and creative spirit, this diligent young man gradually made his name in the industry, this young man is the president of Nam Liong Group, Xiao Dengbo. When Nam Liong Enterprise was established in 1972, Xiao Dengbo was a 23- year old young man full of vigor and energy. He has expanded the Nam Liong Enterprise from a small company of 30 employees to a corporate group of about 15,000 employees which is well known in the industry for its research and development on high-tech textile products, various kinds of high polymer materials and high elastic foam materials.

When President Xiao has made great achievement in his business, he would like to take care of his elderly parents, grandma Xiao and grandpa Xiao fell ill one after another. He tried every means to save his grandparents’ lives but ended in vain, which has become an irreparable regrets in his heart. All such sad incidents made him ponder over the definition of happy life. Whether a happy life means to have countless wealth or to have higher aims? After witnessing so many deaths, he finally find the answer – “health”.

When the brand “H & H” was still at the run-up stage in President Xiao’s mind, unexpectedly, his old friends who strove together when he was young passed away because of illness. President Xiao was really sad about the death of his friends meanwhile he also made up his mind to accelerate the establishment of “H & H”. “H & H” has special meanings, the first H represents HEALTH, and the second H represents HAPPINESS which does not only mean smile and joy, but also the hope of happiness.

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